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                1、希望是隱藏在群山後的星星,探索是人生道路上倔執的「旅人。——布拉赫  Hope is hidden in the mountains after the stars, to explore the life road is stubborn of travelers。

                2、人生至高無上的幸福,莫過於確信自己被人▆所愛。——雨果  The supreme happiness in life, is the conviction that we are loved。

                3、社會猶如一條船,每個人都要有身上閃爍著青色掌舵的準備。——易蔔生  Society is like a boat, everyone has to have pilots to prepare。

                4、人只有獻身於社會,才能找出那短暫而有風險的生命的意義。——愛因斯坦  Only dedicated to the society, to find out the short and has a risk of the meaning of life。

                5、誰若遊╲戲人生,他就一臉頰冷冷笑著事無成;誰不能主宰自己,便永遠是一這些仙器個奴隸。——歌德  If who is the game of life, he accomplishes nothing; Who cannot control himself, he is always a slave。

                6、人生最苦痛的是夢醒了無路可走。做夢的人是幸福的;倘沒有看出可走的路,最要緊的是不要去驚醒他。——魯迅  The most pain in life is waking up nowhere。 The dreamer is happiness; If did not see the way, what matters most is not to wake him。

                7、如煙往事俱忘卻,心底無私天地寬。——陶鑄  Consumed in the past all forget, heart selfless heaven and earth wide。

                8、人生不是一支短短的蠟燭,而是一支暫時由我們拿著的火炬。我們一定要把它燃得十分光嗡明燦爛,然後交給下一代的人們。——肖伯納  Life is not a short candle, but a temporary holding the torch of by us。 We must put it burn very bright light, and then to the next generation of people。

                9、若是憂慮就應抱※希望。人生最大的幸福經常是希望、希望。——謝林  If concerns should be hope。 The greatest happiness of life is often a hope, hope。

                10、通過辛勤工作獲得財富才是人生的大快事。——巴爾紮克  Gain wealth through hard work is the great thing in life。

                11、贏得好射手美名並非由於他的弓箭,而是由於他的猛然轉身目標。——莉萊  Win good striker reputation is not due to his bow and arrow, but due to his goal。

                12、人生在世,不出一番好議論,不留一番好事業,終日飲食暖衣,無所用心,何自別於禽獸?——蘇轍  In life, not a good comment, leave a good career, eating all the day long warm clothing, indifference, since don't from brutes?

                13、人生最美好的,就是在你停止生把那三枚金針拿在手裏嘖嘖贊道存時,也還能以你∑ 所創造的一切為人們服務。——奧斯特洛夫斯基  The most beautiful and good life, is when you stop the survival, also can with what you have created all the service for the people。

                14、為了在生活中努力發揮自己的作用,熱愛人生吧!——羅丹  In order to try to play their role in life, love the life!

                15、如果工作但慢慢是一種樂趣,人生就是天堂!——歌德  If the work is a pleasure, life is paradise!

                16、我要把人生變成科學的夢,然後再把夢變成現實。——居裏夫人  I am going to put life into scientific dream, then the dream into reality。

                17、我眼睛一亮們應該順應自然,立在真實上,求得配合人生的光明,不可陷入勉強、虛偽的境界,把真正人生都歸幻滅。——李大釗  We should adapt to nature, stand on the real, obtained by the light of life, not in force, hypocrisy, the real life be disillusioned。

                18、人生只有一生一死,要生得有意義,死得有價值。——鄧中夏  Die life is only life, to have a meaningful, worth death。

                19、人生有世,事業為重。一息尚存,絕不松勁。東風得勢,時代更新,趁此機,奮勇前進。——吳玉章  Life is full of the world, career more。 Alive, never slacken off。 Dongfeng, update times, take this machine, forge ahead。

                20、我們的人生隨我們花費多少努力而具有多少價值。——莫利亞克  Our life has much value according to the we spend much effort。

                21、可憐一個人對於幸福太了容易上癮了!等到自私的幸福變成了人生惟一的目標之後,不久人生就變得沒所以艾這定風珠肯定還有什麽別有目標。——羅蘭  A poor person for happiness too addictive! When the selfish happiness turned out to be the only aim in life, life becomes no target soon。

                22、所謂高質量人生,其實就是平衡不斷遭到破壞和重建。——趙鑫珊  The so-called high quality life, in fact, the balance is destroyed and rebuilt。

                23、人生應該如蠟燭一樣,從頂燃到底,一直都是光明的。——蕭楚女  Life should be like a candle, burning from the top to the end, is always bright。

                24、人生最大的快樂,是自己的勞動得到了成果。——謝覺哉  The greatest joy of life is your own labor got results。

                25、想升高,有兩起碼也不下上百人樣東西,那就是必須作鷹,或者作千秋雪冰冷爬行動物。——巴爾紮克  Want to rise, there are two things that must be an eagle, or as a reptile。

                26、人生的一切變化,一切魅力,一切美都是由光明和陰影構成的。——列夫?托爾斯泰  Everything in life changes, all the charm, all us are made of light and shadow。

                27、世上惟有一個真理:便是忠實於人生,並且熱愛人生。——羅曼?羅蘭  There is only one truth: it is true to life, and love life。

                28、人生最有趣的事情,就是送舊迎新,因為人類最高的欲求,是在時時創造新生屠神劍擋去活。——李大釗  The most interesting thing in life is to send the old orientation, because the highest human desire, is always to create a new life。

                29、個人,這是人生的道路,它總是可重復和獨特這裏面難免就沒有人不動小心思點。——科恩  Personally, this is the way of life, it is always a repeatable and unique point。

                30、我們要把人生變成一信科學的夢,句子網/然後再把夢變成現實。——居裏夫人  We need to get the letter life become a scientific dream, then the dream into reality。

                31、走自己的路讓別人去說吧。——但丁  Go your own way let others say。

                32、為偉大的事業而他右手灰色光芒爆閃犧牲的人,絕對不算失敗者。——拜倫  Sacrifice for the great cause, is absolutely not a failure。

                33、上人生的旅路罷。前途很遠,也很暗。然而不要怕。不怕的人的傲光在一旁咧嘴一笑面前才有路。——有島武郎  On the journey of life road。 The future is very far and very dark。 But don't be afraid。 Not afraid of the people in front of the road。

                34、人生處一世,去若朝露唏。年在桑榆間,影響不能追。——曹植  Life in a life time, if the morning dew hey。 In between more, can't chase。

                35、人生最大的快樂不在於占有什麽,而在於追求什麽的過程。——本生  Life's greatest happiness is not what you possess, but in the pursuit of what process。

                36、真正的人生,只有在經過艱難卓絕的鬥爭之後才能實現。——塞涅卡  The real life, only after hard suffering struggle to achieve。

                37、那些嘗試去做某事卻失敗的,比那些什麽也不嘗試去做成功的人,不知好上多之前少。——路易?錘斯  Those who try to do something failed, than those who try to succeed in doing nothing, I don't know how much good。

                38、先相信自己,然後走吧別人才會相信你。——羅曼?羅蘭  Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you。

                39、人的理性粉碎了迷信,而人的感情也將摧毀利己主義。——海涅  Human's rational shattered the superstition, and people's feelings will also destroy the self-interest。

                40、只有向自己提出偉大理想,並以自己全部的力量為之奮鬥的人,才是最幸福的。——加裏寧  Only to their great ideal, and all the strength to fight for their own people, is the most happy。

                41、我渴望隨著命運指引的方向,心平氣和■地、沒有爭吵、悔恨、羨慕,筆直走完嗤人生旅途。——魏爾倫  I am eager to fate as the direction of the guide, calmly, no quarrel, remorse, envy, walk the straight path。

                42、路漫漫其修遠兮,吾將上下而求難道它們也會讓我安全離開索。——屈原  I see road, I will search up and down。

                43、你若要喜愛你自己的價值,你就得給世界創造價值。——歌德  If you want to love your own value, you have to create value to the world。

                44、像那閃爍的︻微光,希望把我人生的道路照亮;夜色愈濃,它愈放射出耀眼的光芒。——哥爾斯密  Like the flashing light, in the hope that shines the road of my life; The night is the more thick, the more it emit bright light。

                45、人生到世界上來,如果不能使別人過得好一些,反而使他們過得更壞的話,那海玉坤眼看著斬殺了劉同就太糟糕了。——艾略特  Life to the world, if you can't make other people had better, makes them have a more bad, that's too bad。

                46、人生最高之理想,在求達臉上卻是一副沈思於真理。——李大釗  The highest ideal in life, reach in the truth。

                47、人生最美的東西之一就是母愛,這是無私的愛,道德與之相形見絀。——武砸在青亭者小路實篤  One of the most beautiful things in life are a mother's love, which is selfless love, morality with shame。

                48、但願每次回憶,對生活都不感到負疚。——郭小川  I wish every time memories, don't feel guilty about life。

                49、人生的價震驚了在場所有人值,並不是用要不是你時間,而是用深度去衡量的。——列夫?托爾斯泰  The value of life, not with the time, but with depth to measure。

                50、磨滅一切事物,唯獨恩德,時間越久,它的力量就越大。——拉柏雷  Kill everything, except ender, the longer, the greater the power of it。

                51、強烈的信仰會贏取堅強的人,然後又使他們更堅強。——華特?貝基霍  Strong faith will win it takes a strong man, and then make them stronger。

                52、充滿著歡樂與鬥爭精神的人們,永遠帶著歡樂,歡迎雷霆與陽光。——赫胥黎  Is full of joy and fighting spirit of the people, and always with the joy, welcome thunder and sunshine。

                53、生並非遊戲,因此,我們並沒有權利只憑自己的意願放棄它。——列夫笑著打斷心兒托爾斯泰  Born is not a game, so we don't have any right only by their willingness to give it up。

                54、雖然人人都企求得很多,但所需要的 銀角電鯊一楞卻是微乎其微。因為∮人生是短暫的,人的命運是有限的。——歌德  Although everyone is asking a lot, but the need is minimal。 Because life is short, the destiny of man is limited。

                55、一身報國有萬死,雙鬢向人無再青。——陸遊  A state-owned account, double head to a man without green again。

                56、沒有人生活在過去,也沒有人生活在未來,現在是生命確實占有的唯一形∮態。——叔本華  No one living in the past, and no one lives in the future, it is the only form of life indeed occupies。

                57、人生每天失望走吧,能把思想寄托在高貴的性格、純潔的感情和幸福的境界上快點了,也就大可**了。——福樓拜  Every disappointment in life, can put the thoughts on the noble personality, pure feeling and happiness, also can masturbation。

                58、人生的三大不幸是:接連不斷的極端貧困;使希望破滅的極端憂郁;使靈魂空虛的極端無知。——埃?馬卡姆  Life's three big misfortune is: a succession of extreme poverty; Hopes of extreme depression; The soul empty extreme ignorance。

                59、人生確是無常的,不過人生的可愛處也多半就在這無常。——李霽野  Life is impermanent, but the life and the most lovely place as this。

                60、如果工作對於人類不是人生強索的代價,而是目的,人類將是多麽幸福。——羅丹  If the work is not the price of life rigging to humans, but purpose, human will be very happy。

                61、要想做一個真正的殺英雄是沒有選擇余地的,往往是要麽成功要麽成仁。——希契科克  If you want to be a true hero is have no choice, tend to be either success or not。

                62、我愛人生,所以我願像一個狂信者那樣投身到生命的海裏。——巴金  I love life, so I want to like a crazy believers into the sea of life。

                63、人生結交在始終,莫以升沈中路分。——賀蘭進明  To make in life always, the mo to heave the middle points。

                64、在一竟然燃燒壽命切大事業上,人在開始做事前要像千眼神那樣察看時機,而在進行時要像千手神那樣抓住時機。——培根  In every big business, the person is in before you start doing things like the thousands of eyes that see an opportunity, but for a man to be like god of hands on time。

                65、歲月可以贏去我們的生命,卻贏不去我們一路留下的歡聲笑語,我們的祝而這仙嬰福,無盡的愛意。——杏林子  The years can win to our lives, but not win to laughter, we all the way left our blessings, endless love。

                66、生命是單程路,不論你怎樣轉變抹角,都不會走回頭,你一旦明白和接受這一點。人生就簡單得多了。——穆爾  Life is a one-way road, no matter how you change Angle, will not go back, once you understand and accept it。 Life was much simpler。

                67、我也說不出人生在世,是不是一件容易事兒。——高爾斯華∑綏  I also could not say a life, is not an easy thing。

                68、所謂人生,是一刻也不停挑戰統領地變化著的。就是**生命的衰弱和靈魂生命的強大、擴大。——列夫?托爾斯泰  The so-called life, is a moment is also constantly changing。 Is the body of life breakdowns, powerful and expand the life and soul。

                69、一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻什麽,而不應當看他取得什麽。——愛因斯坦  The value of a person, should see him what contribution, should not look at what he achieved。

                70、唯有自愛,自識自制,指引人生,才能導出神聖的力量。——丁尼生  Only love themselves, self-knowledge self-control, guide life and to export the divine power。

                71、沒有比人生更千秋雪看著小唯輕輕一笑艱難的藝術了,因為其他的藝術或學問,到處都有教師。——塞涅卡  Nothing is more difficult than the life of art, because art or other disciplines and there are teachers。

                72、生活只有在平淡無味的人看來才是空虛而平淡無味的。——車爾不然尼雪夫斯基  Life only in bland is empty and bland。

                73、有人活著卻沒有目標,他們在世間行走,就如同河中的一棵小草隨波逐流。——塞涅卡  People live without goals, they walk in the world, just like a grass in the river go with the flow。

                74、人類把歷史看成戰鬥的連續,為什麽呢,因為直到今天,他們還認為鬥爭是人生的主要東西。——契訶夫  Human history as continuous fighting, why, because until today, they also think fighting is a major things in life。

                75、人生如同道路。最近的捷徑通常是最壞的路。——培根  Life is like a road。 Recent shortcut is usually the worst road。

                76、一個人的真正偉大之處就在於他能☆夠認識到自己的這裏是海歸城市渺小。——保羅  A man's real greatness lies in his perception of his own smallness。

                77、一個人應當擯棄那些令人心顫的雜念,全神貫註地走自己腳下的人生之路。——斯蒂文森  A person should abandon those makes the heart fibrillation distractions, walk road at the foot of their life with rapt attention。

                78、人,就像釘子一樣,一旦失去了方向,開始向阻力屈身,那麽就失去了他們存在的價值。——蘭道  People, like nails, once lost the direction, bowed to resistance, then lost the value of their existence。

                79、人生的價值,即以其人對於當代所做的工作為尺度。——徐瑋  The value of life, namely to the person to contemporary work for scale。

                80、如果我生下來就↘是八十歲,而慢慢長到十八歲的話,人生會更隨後緩緩加快樂無窮。——馬克?吐溫  If I was born eighty years old, and slowly grow up to 18 years old, life will be more happy。

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